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The Red Shoes

Book Club

Laguna Niguel, California
Established 1993
Celebrating 30 Years in 2023!

Our club has participated in the Relay for Life since 2013. During this time
we have raised over $7,000 towards the fight against cancer to help work towards
a cure and to honor our members that have been directly affected by the disease
Thank you to our members, friends, and family that have helped us!


.....a group of women met at a stop to get their children off to Moulton Elementary . While they waited, they talked about many things but mostly about . This book club was formed in 1993 by these women and their friends.

In 2002, they read a book chosen because of the cover with cute red . It turned out that the book, set in China, was about a group of poor workers that found a stash of Western , all classics. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is a romantic novel about the magic of story-telling and literature. Our club also honors the power of a good book so the club was named the "Red Shoes Book Club" based on this story.

While our children have long since left elementary, middle and high school, have completed college, gotten married and some have started their own families, we continue to read, meet and enjoy each others company. We created this site to share our of reading with our friends and others in the community and hope to continue for many years to come. Welcome to our website!

Looking for more? Visit our "Recent Selections" page with a list of the books we have read in recent years!

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The Red Shoes Book Club
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